How do I know if I need the Tennis Grip Guide?

The Tennis Grip Guide is perfect for any child or adult who is not 100% confident on the various grips.  We encourage anyone to give them a try.  We have found even more advanced players like the feel of the bumps on the band as a simple tactile reminder of where to move their hand. Coaches have also had great success using The Tennis Grip Guide with their students.

What size band should I order?

We offer two different sized bands - Small and Large.  General rule: Small-for kids and players with small hands; Large- for most teens and adults. Check out our sizing chart for more specific details.

What do the different colors and numbers mean?

Tennis racket handles are octagonal with eight bevels.  The numbers on the Tennis Grip Guide are to be placed on the coordinating bevel numbers.  

The colors also guide you to hold specific grips (e.g. for a forehand (using the eastern grip) you would want your base index knuckle on blue, whether its 3 or 7).

Do I need more than one band on my racket?

That is up to you (and maybe your coach will have some suggestions).  We recommend beginners have 3 bands on their racket if they use a two-handed backhand. 

One-handed backhand players and others may just need 2 bands

1 band can be used for simple instruction or some coaches and place the band at the top of the racket grip as just a visual reminder and grip tape holder.

Why are there raised bumps on parts of the band?

We placed the bumps on bevels 2 & 6 because those are key positions for so many shots- the serve, volley, overhead, and backhand (continental grip).  As the hand moves between grips during play, the player can feel the bumps and know where to place the hand. We want the player to feel where the hand should be place without having to look down during play.  

We have also had coaches move the band around on the racket so that the bumps are placed on a specific spot (e.g. between 3 & 4 for the forehand grip).  Even though the numbers are no longer lined up properly, the player can literally get a feel for the grip and shot they are learning.

What about left-handed players?

Our bands work great for left-handed players. Just place the Tennis Grip Guide band upside-down on their handle grip and all the right-handed instructions should work for left-handed players as well.

What if I want to carry The Tennis Grip Guide at my club?

We have had clubs buy large quantities of bands for their coaches to use during camps and lessons.  Their coaches put The Tennis Grip Guide bands on their students' rackets to assist both coach and student in learning the grips.  They have also bought 3 & 12 packs to sell in their pro shop for club members who have enjoyed using them and want more for themselves, family, and friends.  

Email us at info@tennisbuilder.com for a wholesale pricing list.