Grip Overview

Your tennis racket handle is octagonal.  The 8 sides are called bevels and each assigned a specific number.

The Tennis Grip Guide has colored numbers around the band to coordinate with these racket bevel numbers.

 Place the Tennis grip guide on your racket.  We recommend using 2-3 bands per racket but some may wish only to use one band as a reference. 

Identify your base of your index knuckle and heel pad of dominant hand.

With this information as a reference, let’s learn all the grips! *


Eastern Forehand

Eastern One-handed Backhand


Two-handed Backhand


*We will be teaching a "neutral" position for all of the grips.  There can be slight variations on each. (For example on the Eastern Forehand grip your knuckle and heel pad are on the #3- but some players and pros will be approximately 3.25 or 3.5, etc).